Extracurricular Activities & Clubs

HFA Club Offerings 22-23

American Exchange Project Club

Amanda Smithfield

This club is open to Juniors and Seniors. Our club will be planning a one week exchange in Nashville for AEP participants. Participants will also have the opportunity to go on a one week exchange the summer after they graduate to a city in the United States. It will not cost you anything.

Anime Club

Andy Mangrum
The members discuss and watch anime and manga during meetings. Other Japanese culture may also be discussed. Art Club Shayna Snider A club for anything art. This is a free, unstructured time for students to draw, craft, chat, and more. Arts and Crafts Club Alesha Handy If you knit, sew, needlepoint, scrapbook, or participate in other crafts, this is your club. Students will work on their own projects and contribute to group projects.

ASA ( African Student Association)

Musie Yosef
African Students Association is a place for all students of African descent, as well as those who aren't, to unite together and celebrate African culture! We encourage all students who are interested in our club to join!

Asians United

Christopher Collins
Asians United serves to support education and celebration around Asian cultures, heritage, perspectives, and voices in order to build a stronger community.

Bead Club

Shayna Snider
Bead club is for all crafts to do with beads and beadwork. It's for all skill levels, but most materials are things that members need to bring themselves (BYOB- "bring your own beads").

Biology Olympiad Club

Andy Mangrum
We will prepare for and take part in the exam based competition focused on all things biology. An excellent opportunity to flex neurons for anyone who has taken or is taking AP Biology.

Black Achievers

Natalie Boyd, Musie Yosef, Jeanetta Harper, Tracey McClain
Black Achievers is a college and career readiness program from YMCA that helps prepare students for college through workshops and one on ones. Mentorship, relationship building, and life skills are also taught throughout the program. Black Achievers also offers scholarships to all seniors each year that helps them pay for school. The program is free and will have a group that meets at lunch on Tuesdays twice a month.

Black Student Union (BSU)

Natalie Boyd, Allison Halbrook, Tiphanie Farmer
BSU will inform students about Black history and work to unify the Black community within Hume-Fogg and Nashville respectively. (membership is limited to 50 members)

Blues Club

Grant Wiegert
Explore improvisation, styles, traditions and instrumental techniques of blues music and how the blues provides a foundation for rock, jazz, funk, folk and country music. Students will improve their technical and improvisational skills.

Board Game & DnD Club

Matthew Laurence
Discussing and playing fun and interesting board games.

Book Club

Jennifer Murray
a fun book club where students select books to read together

Chess Club

Mr. Jenkins
Students learn to play chess and play competitively against each other

Climbing Club

Louis and Murray

Students will talk about rock climbing- projects, techniques. Climb Nashville will sponsor a high school climing team for those interested in climbing outside of school. Students will need their own transportation and climbing fees.

Creative Writing Club

Alesha Handy

Students can meet to share writing in progress and get feedback from peers.

Culinary Club

Musie Yosef

Making fun food and sweet treats

Debate Team

Courtney Shultz

HFA Debate Team - Compete in Nashville Urban Debate League Tournaments once a month!

First Priority

Kathy Forsthoff

A Christian Faith Based gathering

French Honor Society

Jessica Sexton

Students who are in French III or higher, with exemplary performance in French, will be invited to join French Honor Society.

Gaming Club

Katharine Reynolds

Students from all backgrounds discuss the technical and storytelling achievements of the narrative form of games, participate in friendly competitions, and celebrate teamwork

Gender-Sexuality Alliance

Tracey McClain

GSA is a human rights club and our goal is to promote equality, acceptance, communication, and understanding of the LGBTQIA community any other marginalized group and their allies. We are an open group for students regardless of Gender, Gender identity, sexual orientation, race/ethenicty, religion or lack of religion

HFA Business Club

Musie Yosef

Give students interested in business a taste of real-life experience as well as an understanding of what sector of business they're seriously interested in. In addition, we would be creating opportunities for connections for students. Those connections may lead to bigger internships

HFA Dance Club

Mrs. Forsthoff

We are striving to create a space of play for dancers in the HFA community. As well as an outlet to perform during school events. We will strive to be a safe space for all. Dance styles include Hip Hop and Contemporary, but we are open to every style.

HFA Roots Nashville

Brett Kmiec

Roots Nashville seeks to plant 500,000 trees in Nashville in order restore tree cover lost to development, storms, and pests. The HFA chapter will work with them to undertake tree planting projects.

High School Conservatives

Amanda Smithfield

This club is for all those interested in conservative and/or libertarian ideas. Students in this club has access to local and state leaders and a lot of opportunities for interaction and political involvement. There are a lot of leadership opportunities available! Students are also encouraged to participate in monthly discussions the 4th Friday of the month during lunch.

High School Democrats

Amanda Smithfield

Get involved with the Democratic Party through high school Democrats. We encourage and support democratic candidates through volunteering and regular meetings. You will have opportunities to meet local, state, and national Democrats and find out more about specific issues.

Hiking Club

Philip Lovell

Hiking club is designed for lovers of nature and the great outdoors. As a group, we will go on hikes throughout the beautiful trails that Nashville has to offer. The Hiking club will give members a chance to unplug and destress from the pressures of everyday life. We are hoping to build a welcoming and positive community of people who share a bond with the wonderful outdoors!

HOSA - Future Health Professionals

Carolyn Nighbert

Health Occupations Students of America - for students who have an interest in any health-care related field. Students compete at the regional, state and national level. Possible scholarship opportunities. A chance to learn about health-care careers and meet others with similar interests.

Idol Appreciation Club

Laura Louis

The idol appreciation club is a group meeting meant to partake in idol culture. Idol fans can range from visual kei, jpop idols, anime idols, kpop idols, streaming talents (such as Nijisanji or Hololive), cover indie bands, or even just instrument solo idols. Anything you’re a fan of that falls under the idol category, we’ve got a place for you. Come to share your favorite music, dance videos, or even just kick back and play rhythm games with everyone. Dance, sing, or however you appreciate idols, It’s all welcome!

International Club

Dara Rosenkrantz Cadar

Students of all backgrounds celebrate cultures from around the world
Junior Classical League Tim Russell Latin club open to those who are currently enrolled or have taken Latin

Karaoke Club

Ms. Handy

Students will come together to sing along to pre-recorded music for fun. We'll meet once or twice a month on Wednesdays.

Knitting Club

Shayna Snider

Let's get together and knit! This club meets together at lunch:)


Musie Yosef

This club is for anyone who likes K-Pop and Korean Culture. People are able to dance, watch movies, and trade K-Pop trading cards.

Kurdish Professionals

Christopher Collins

A club that provides opportunities to students for college and professional mentorships for the world beyond high school.

Latino Achievers YMCA

Thelma Guzman Ardon

Seeks to close the achievement gap for Latino and no-Latinos students by using evidence-based practices to increase college application and enrollment rates for students. These include: Increasing exposure to college through tours and fairs. Building skills including ACT preparation and financial aid planning

Livable Schools (Environmental Club)

Kylee List

The purpose of the Livable Schools club is to promote environmental awareness and provide ways to get involved in environmental activism in order to make Hume-Fogg a more environmentally friendly school.

Math Competition Club

Eric Gambill

We will enter a variety of competitions this year, including the AMC.

Mental Health Awareness Club

Courtney Shultz

The Mental Health Awareness club focuses on creating a safe place for students to feel they are welcome to open up and be free of judgement. We also hope to make peoples’ day even the slightest bit better one way or another. Bringing mental health to light and letting it be recognized as an important aspect of human life is our goal.

Mock Trial

Dr. Brown

A organization that models Tennessee judicial system and competes in the Davidson County Mock Trial Competition. Students play either a lawyer or witness role and compete against other schools in the district. Meetings are after school and will increase in frequency as we get closer to competition. This is a substantial time commitment but well worth the effort!

Model United Nations (MUN)

Kevin Dockery

Model UN provides students an opportunity to learn about the operations of the real UN General Assembly and Security Council by stepping into the shoes of ambassadors. Students research global current events and topics in order to draft resolutions that will be presented in a mock simulation at the annual conference in the Fall. Registration takes place in late August and the conference is in November. The group will meet to discuss and create resolutions after countries are assigned

Murder Mystery Club

Lauren Ovalle

The club is going to include things such as solving unsolved Murders and Myths, playing Murder-themed video games, and participating in escape rooms! We have two names up for debate at the moment, "How I Met your Murderer," and "The Prime suspects"

Music Club

Allen Kennedy

Music Club will provide opportunities for musicians to perform for each other and obtain valuable performance experience. Members will have opportunities to perform for the community for special events.

Muslim Student Association

Amanda Smithfield

MSA represents the Muslim student body at HFA; it is open to anyone who wishes to learn about Islam.

National Honor Society

Kyle Strom & Serena Pao

BY INVITATION ONLY, FOR SENIORS ONLY - We are the local chapter of the National Honor Society

Middle Eastern or North African (MENA) descent Club

Ms. Crump

"Here at the MENA club we will
● Share food while engaging in culturally enriching conversations
● Show off different cultural clothes and talk about how these cloths relate to the place where it originated from
● We will listen to music and explain what the lyrics mean
● We will show cultural dances so we can be a more culturally aware and culturally diverse school

Outreach HFA

Christopher Collins- Allison Halbrook will co-chair

The hardest part about volunteering is finding a time, place, and organization to volunteer for. Outreach HFA is a club where all students have to do is show up ready to help others. The leaders of Outreach HFA contacted different organizations around the Nashville area, and are creating a calendar that contains different events students can participate in. This will be an annual club, meaning there will be volunteer opportunities the entire year.

Pep Club

Jesse Blair

Hume-Fogg Athletic Supporters

Philosophy Club

Tim Russell

A gathering for students to discuss philosophical questions in culture and literature as a Socratic dialogue

Physics Club

Matthew Laurence

Students will discuss, study, and learn about physics through extended lab style activities and prepare for national physics competitions.

Quiz Bowl

Tim Russell

We gather and answer questions, questions, questions...

Real Talk

Nicole Maynard

A safe place for girls to learn about and discuss how to care for our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Relax, Let go, and Flow Club

Meghan Henry

Students will get together to slow down, pause, and take a mintue to breath and connect with their body.

Sabor Latinx

Ms. Ardon, sponsor Katie Fitz helping out

Sabor Latinx’s main goal is to create an inviting, comfortable zone for students of latin heritage at Hume-Fogg. Through mentoring, celebration of latin culture, discussing related issues, and inviting student of every background to join our club; Sabor Latinx has fostered a thriving community of young latin scholars at HFA.

Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) Club

Amanda Smithfield

SCAN is the voice for kids to make sure ALL kids have a strong start in life. We’re doing this by advocating for high-quality early learning for children in the U.S., the safety of children arriving at the southern U.S. border and the protection of children living in conflict zones around the world.

Science Bowl

Andy Mangrum

Science Bowl is a bi-weekly club that loves all things science! Competitors will form a team to buzz in and answer questions about topics ranging anywhere from astronomy to physics to biology. Science knowledge is not required to join--you can learn as you go! In February, a team of five will be assembled to head to the annual Tennessee Science Bowl (TSB) competition to fight against schools from across the state. Can we beat our Top 4 status this year?

Science Olympiad

Andy Mangrum

Team based science and engineering competitions that build knowledge, scientific skills, laboratory experience, and teamwork. Covers all areas of science.


Thelma Ardon

Join Sobremesa! A conversational Spanish group meeting monthly at lunch, this club provides a space to improve, or just enjoy and speak the language. All ability levels are welcome

Spanish Honor Society

Jennifer Sychareune

Students who have three semester A's (not including Spanish 1) are eligible. Students arrange to tutor peers and plan activities to work in the community with organizations that support Spanish speakers. Applications must be submitted. See Mrs. Sychareune in room 316 if interested.

Strength & Conditioning

Drs. Brown & Farmer

Strength & Conditioning Club is a space for any HFA student to learn and apply the principles of powerlifting, body building, etc. in a safe and healthy environment to promote lifelong physical fitness.

Student Ambassador Club

Thelma Guzmon Ardon

Students interested in being a student ambassador, and who are already student ambassadors. it gives students the opportunity to know what it has been like or is like for them.

Student Government Association (SGA)

Jennifer Sychareune

Student Government Representatives meet to organize and plan school activities. Elected officers and class representatives must submit an application. See Mrs. Sychareune in room 316 if interested.

Student Leadership Initiative Program (SLIP)

Amanda Smithfield

SLIP (Student Leadership Initiative Program) aims to help underclassmen develop speaking skills, studying habits, and robust mental health through a mentorship with upperclassmen. Weekly meetings provide fun activities and help to grow a close knit club family!

Student Sunshine Club

Amundson / Snider

"A group creating opportunities and recognizing opportunities to show simple acts of kindness (spreading sunshine) ...
A student-led component to Knight Time / SEL Committee"

Students Demand Action

Amanda Smithfield Students Demand Action is the student-led version of Moms Demand Action. Both are branches of the national, nonpartisan gun violence prevention organization Everytown for Gun Safety. Our chapter of Students Demand Action is part of a national network of volunteers, supporters, and activists working to put an end to the American gun violence epidemic. Students Demand Action engages in education and raising awareness, policy advocacy, survivor support, voter education, registration, and mobilization. Our chapter is also a supportive, friendly environment where students can process American gun violence, other current events, and their own lives together, make friends, and have a good time.

Table Tennis

Jesse Blair

Play games of Table Tennis in the Aux gym.

Tech Club

Katharine Reynolds

"To allow people to get into and learn technology related things. We will likely do things like tech repair to learn about that stuff, along with other things mostly related to fixing, having fun with, or tinkering with electronics." (Harrison Daft)

The Font Club

Ms. Shultz

A club for font enthusiasts.


Nicole Maynard "The UNICEF Clubs program is the youth led program of the UNICEF UNITE grassroots movement rooted in a belief that everyone in the United States have a vital role to play as the voice for children everywhere. UNICEF Clubs partner with UNICEF USA to activate their local community by advocating, building community, fundraising, and speaking out for UNICEF's child survival work in over 190 countries.

It is UNICEF USA's goal to empower youth in the United States with the resources and skills to be effective global citizens - thinking globally and acting locally for the world's most vulnerable children (Excerpted from website)

Voting Rights Club

Amanda Smithfield

Do you care about democracy or are you interested in non-partisan civic engagement? Are you interested in learning more about the history of voting in America and specifically Tennessee? Would you like to observe the Generally Assemble (Tennessee’s state legislature where laws affecting you are passed)? Last year, HFA senior Matthew Maroney wrote the Tennessee Student Voter Act, which requires every public high school in the state to send an email to seniors explaining how to vote. We weren’t successful last year, but are going to try again. This club does not support any political party or agenda, but is about protecting one of democracy’s most important rights, voting!
World Affairs Club Lovell, Kmiec, Hedglin "This club is for students interested in participating in a competition about current events with the chance to travel to Washington DC.
Must have passed the APHUG exam OR currently be enrolled in AP Comp Gov."

Youth Entrepreneurship and Finance Association (YEFA)

Allison Halbrook

This club will be for anyone interested in learning basic finance and investment. This club will give students opportunities to participate in entrepreneurial opportunities, analyze and manage investment portfolios and startups, and learn leadership and teamwork experience. Students will also learn communication skills, problem-solving skills, and learn how to reach goals consistently

Youth in Government (YIG)

Kevin Dockery

The Tennessee YMCA Youth in Government Program is an annual conference designed to offer high school and middle school students a hands-on experience with state government.