Extracurricular Activities & Clubs

Livable Schools (Environmental Club)
Sponsor - Kyle Strom
Livable Schools is a student-run group at Hume Fogg committed to bringing sustainability education and action into schools. We complete projects, volunteer at local events, and advocate for environmental issues all in hopes of better educating ourselves and our school. Check out our Insta @LivableSchools to learn more.

Karaoke Club
Sponsor - Ms. Handy
Hume Fogg students gather to sing and participate in a supportive audience. All participants must have cameras on and microphones muted while other students are singing. This is not a club for idle spectators: every member will get to/have to sing at some point. The number of members will be limited to make sure every member has an opportunity to perform.
It's okay if you don't have vocal talent as long as you have a good attitude and you're willing to make someone smile. Virtual karaoke is new to all of us, so we may have students sing with YouTube instrumental tracks until we figure out a better plan.

Young Conservatives Club
Sponsor - Amanda Smithfield
This club is for anyone who is interested in republican/conservative ideas and values or anyone who wants to learn more about politics. We promote civic engagement and strive to help people’s voices and ideas be heard.

Yoga Club
Sponsor -Meghan Henry
Students will come together to use mindful practices and yoga to de-stress, center, unwind to continue living their best lives.

Math Contest Club
Sponsor -
We will enter 2 to 3 contests this season including the AMC.

French Honor Society
Sponsor - Jessica Sexton
Students who are in French III or higher, with exemplary performance in French, will be invited to join French Honor Society.

Real Talk
Sponsor - Nicole Maynard
A safe place for girls to learn about and discuss how to care for our minds, bodies, and spirits.

National Honor Society
Sponsors - Katie Fitzpatrick and John Skinner
BY INVITATION ONLY, FOR SENIORS ONLY - We are the local chapter of the National Honor Society

Knitting Club
Sponsors - Shayna Snider
Let's get together and knit! This club meets the first Friday of every month at lunch :)

Red Cross
Sponsor - Tracey McClain
Red Cross club sponsors a blood drive as well as various outreach activities for groups within the community.

High School Democrats
Sponsors - Amanda Smithfield
Get involved with the Democratic Party through high school Democrats. We encourage and support democratic candidates through volunteering and regular meetings. You will have opportunities to meet local, state, and national Democrats and find out more about specific issues.

Save the Children Action Network (SCAN) Club
Sponsor - Amanda Smithfield
SCAN is the voice for kids to make sure ALL kids have a strong start in life. We’re doing this by advocating for high-quality early learning for children in the U.S., the safety of children arriving at the southern U.S. border and the protection of children living in conflict zones around the world.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
Sponsor -
FCA's mission is "to lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church." Its vision is "to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. All students are invited to be a club member.

Black Student Union (BSU)
Sponsors - Natasha Davis and Natalie Boyd
BAU will inform students about African American history and work to unify the African American community within Hume-Fogg and Nashville respectively. (membership is limited to 40 members)

Sabor Latinx
Sponsor - Ms. Ardon
Sabor Latinx’s main goal is to create an inviting, comfortable zone for students of latin heritage at Hume-Fogg. Through mentoring, celebration of latin culture, discussing related issues, and inviting student of every background to join our club; Sabor Latinx has fostered a thriving community of young latin scholars at HFA.

Muslim Student Association
Sponsor - Amanda Smithfield
MSA represents the Muslim student body at HFA; it is open to anyone who wishes to learn about Islam.

Gender-Sexuality Alliance
Sponsor - Tracey McClain
GSA is a human rights club and our goal is to promote equality, tolerance, communication, and understanding.


Sponsor - Michelle D. Thompson, Ph.D.
The UNICEF Clubs program is the youth led program of the UNICEF UNITE grassroots movement rooted in a belief that everyone in the United States have a vital role to play as the voice for children everywhere. UNICEF Clubs partner with UNICEF USA to activate their local community by advocating, building community, fundraising, and speaking out for UNICEF's child survival work in over 190 countries.

It is UNICEF USA's goal to empower youth in the United States with the resources and skills to be effective global citizens - thinking globally and acting locally for the world's most vulnerable children (Excerpted from website)

Anime Club
Sponsor -
The members discuss and watch anime and manga during meetings. Other Japanese culture may also be discussed.

Student Government Association (SGA)
Sponsor - Jennifer Sychareune
Student Government Representatives meet to organize and plan school activities

Quiz Bowl
Sponsor - Tim Russell
We gather and answer questions, questions, questions...

Junior Classical League
Sponsor - Tim Russell
Latin club open to those who are currently enrolled or have taken Latin

HOSA - Future Health Professionals
Sponsors -Natasha Davis & John Skinner
Health Occupations Students of America - for students who have an interest in any health-care related field. Students compete at the regional, state and national level. Possible scholarship opportunities. A chance to learn about health-care careers and meet others with similar interests.

International Club
Sponsors - Ms. Rosenkrantz & Ms. Ardon
Students of all backgrounds celebrate cultures from around the world

Mock Trial
Sponsor - Dan Hollandsworth
A organization that models Tennessee judicial system and competes in the Davidson County Mock Trial Competition.

Model United Nations (MUN)
Sponsor - Dr. Thompson
MUN is an annual conference where students learn the real world operations of the United Nations by participating in a reenactment

Youth in Government (YIG)
Sponsor -Katherine Reynolds
The Tennessee YMCA Youth in Government Program is an annual conference designed to offer high school and middle school students a hands-on experience with state government. Each year, over 2500 students from across the state converge on the State Capitol, taking the places of our real government officials. Program participants can serve as senators or representatives, as justices and lawyers, as department commissioners and lobbyists, or even as press corps members.

Latino Achievers YMCA
Sponsor -Thelma Guzman Ardon
To empower Latinx and underserved youth to excel in high school, gain access to higher education, take advantage of scholarships opportunities and find the career path that is right for them.

Science Olympiad
Sponsor -
Science Olympiad is a national competition with a focus on STEM disciplines.

Gaming Club
Sponsor -Katherine Reynolds
A social club for game enthusiasts, whether that game is electronic, online, or board. Gather with us to play games together and discuss the art of gaming.

Astronomy Club
Sponsor -Dan Hollandsworth
A group for people interested in space and everything in it. The science, the art, and the unexplained.

Student Leadership Initiative Program (SLIP)
Sponsor -
SLIP is the Student Leadership Initiative Program. It is a mentorship program to help Freshmen and Sophomores interact with Juniors and Seniors. The older students mentor the younger students with respect to school and career choices.

International Thespian Society
Sponsor -Mr. Bruce
International Thespian Society - an honorary organization for high school theatre students. The mission is to honor student achievement in the theatre arts.

Asians United
Sponsor -Mr. Collins
Asians United is a club where students come together to learn more about each other's individual Asian cultures. We also strive to increase Asian representation in Hume Fogg, as well as celebrate cultural holidays and festivals together.

Kurdish Professionals
Sponsor -Mr. Collins
Kurdish Professionals is a group, mostly made of Kurdish students, working with mentors to improve the Kurdish community in Nashville, whether it be through workshops, community outreach programs, events or mentorships.

Film Appreciation Club
Sponsor -John Skinner
Students will gather to watch film clips and engage in group discussion. Discussions center around film technique, influential directors, and an appreciation for the art of film.

HFA Service Club
Sponsor - Anna Maria Miller
This club is a great opportunity to not only give back to our community but also to get in those service hours and add this club to your resume!